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The painful side effects from chronic sinusitis can make you feel miserable and distract from everyday living. At Elite ENT, Luis Vazquez, MD provides a long-term solution for your pain with minimally invasive balloon sinuplasty. If you’re looking for an experienced ENT in Phoenix to treat your chronic sinusitis, contact Dr. Vazquez online or over the phone.

Balloon Sinuplasty Q & A

What is balloon sinuplasty?

Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that unblocks clogged sinuses using a small balloon catheter. After administering general or local anesthesia, Dr. Vazquez inserts the catheter into your sinuses and inflates the balloon to widen your sinus opening.

Next, he sprays saline solution into your sinus cavity to flush out any accumulated fluid. Finally, he removes the catheter, leaving your sinuses expanded. The expanded sinuses restore normal drainage in your sinuses.

What conditions does balloon sinuplasty treat?

Sinuplasty is an effective treatment for chronic sinusitis. Chronic sinusitis is a condition marked by sinus inflammation and inadequate mucus drainage.

Sinusitis that lasts longer than 12 weeks is chronic. Dr. Vazquez uses sinus medication, medicated sprays, and other more conservative therapies first. He may suggest balloon sinuplasty if your body doesn’t respond to those.

By opening and clearing out your sinuses, sinuplasty relieves the pain, pressure, and infections associated with chronic sinusitis.

If you have sinusitis, you’re likely a good candidate for sinuplasty. If you have a deviated septum or large polyps, you may be better qualified for endoscopic sinus surgery.

What are the benefits of balloon sinuplasty?

Balloon sinuplasty is a safe and effective treatment for chronic sinusitis. The majority of adults and children who undergo the procedure experience significant improvements.

Unlike traditional sinus surgery, sinuplasty requires no incisions or cutting away of tissue. That significantly reduces your risk of bleeding, pain, and scarring.

You also shouldn’t experience black and blue eyes after the treatment, as you might after the traditional procedure. The noninvasive catheter doesn’t cause any change in your appearance, aside from possible, slight swelling.

Recovery is so quick that you can usually go home the same day and return to work after 1-2 days of rest. This outpatient procedure usually takes little over one hour for Dr. Vazquez to perform.

Although there’s a slight chance your sinus passages could close again after the treatment, it’s more likely you won’t require repeated procedures. Unlike medication and other ongoing therapies, sinuplasty offers long-term benefits and improves your quality of life.

If you’re researching treatment options for chronic sinusitis, contact Dr. Vazquez online or over the phone to learn more about balloon sinuplasty.